Lochsa River Rafting


The Lochsa River is one of the best white water rivers in the world.  The Lochsa is a designated National Wild and Scenic River that originates on the western slope of The Bitterroot Mountains, far into the wilds of the Clearwater National Forest. The river quickly gains momentum as it cascades downstream and becomes a river that challenges boaters with countless “big water rapids”.  With close to 40 class IV rapids in our standard one day adventure, every trip down the Lochsa is a true whitewater experience.

Our Riley Flats River Camp is the perfect place to warm up and relax while the crew prepares a hot meal that will satisfy any diet.  Gourmet meals, food from scratch, are all part of the Zoo Town Surfer experience.

Most of our Lochsa guides are seasoned veterans, some whom have been guiding on the river for over 10 years.  We know the river inside and out.  We respect it. We love it. Our river professionals will enhance your white-water experience while maintaining the overall safety of your trip.  We only dedicated and committed river folks here at ZTS which means one thing:  quality guides who have an intimate relationship with the rivers we play and operate on.

When you hear your guide shout “paddle forward!” you know that all the thrills and excitement of the Lochsa River is waiting for you just a few paddle strokes downstream.  Prepare yourself!

Not much has changed on the Lochsa River over the past 50 years.  No cell phone service. No gas stations. We like this about the Lochsa River. Thankfully the equipment and gear is about the only thing that has changed. In an attempt to try and disconnect from the daily task and distractions that we have in our everyday life, we keep things simple down here. We offer one trip, same time, every single day.  The standard section is from Nine Mile to Knife Edge.  At the put in, we will gear up, safety talk, and paddle downstream for 10 miles tackling County Corner, Christmas, and Ten Pin Alley. After floating the “middle 10”, we stop for a delicious lunch at Riley Flats, our private riverside camp.  Once your food has settled, it’s time to get back in the raft and crush the big rapids that are waiting for downstream like Grim Reaper and Lochsa Falls. Boom! Are you ready?

Cost:  $120
Includes all necessary gear
Lunch provided

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FAQ's for Lochsa River

Cancellation Policy

Payment is required in full.  Cancellations made 48 hours or more before the date of your trip, will receive a full refund.  Refunds will not be issued for cancellations made within 48 hours of a trip’s departure time.  ZTS reserves the right to cancel a trip at any time if faced with unsuitable or unsafe weather or river conditions.  If ZTS is forced to cancel a trip, you will be notified immediately and a full refund or alternative booking will be arranged.

Will I have to paddle on this trip?

Yes.  There are 3 personal goals we include in our safety talk.  Stay in the boat.  Be a good self rescuer.  Have fun.  If you do not feel like you can paddle and be a good self rescuer, then the Lochsa might not be the best option for you.

Is there an age limit on the Lochsa?

The age limit is water level dependent. Early spring, it’s 16 and older.  Later spring, it’s 12 and over.

Where do we meet for Lochsa Trips?

We meet at Steve and Ann’s Wilderness Inn, Lowell, Idaho.  It’s mile marker 97.5 on HWY 12.  Also note, trips meet at 9:00am MST unless stated otherwise.

Do you provide all of the necessary gear?

Yes.  We provide helmets, wet suit, neoprene coat, personal flotation device, warm fleece, splash top, and booties.  We recommend bringing warm clothes for afterwards and synthetic layers during the trip.

Do cellphones work in the area if I'm lost?

No.  Cell phone do not work in the Lochsa Drainage. If you need to contact us last minute, call Ryan’s Wilderness Inn (208) 926-4706

Is there a minimum # of people in order to float?

On busy weekends, we can accommodate groups of 6 or less.  If you want a custom time or date, we need a minimum of 6 people.

How do I get a discount?

Here is how you can get a 10% discount:

-bring 10 or more people

-veteran/active service member

-we also offer discounts to non-profits, school, and church groups, and AAA.