Holiday Gift List

by | December 19, 2011

Ok, as a consumer in this day and age we have lots of choices, many times too many choices. The list could go on and on. Well, I’m gonna help you narrow down those choices for all you river rats out there. Each holiday season, we receive gifts that we never use and are pieces of junk. Why bother? I’m a gadget guy myself and I can’t have enough headlamps, mini flashlights, and small pocket knives with 25 attachments included. These gift ideas are sure to please that river runner in your family and are guaranteed to please!
Below is my top 11 gift list this holiday season:
1) Gift certificate from your local paddle shop
2) Gas card for all those shuttles
3) Yearly subscription to Kayak Session Magazine
4) Fresh pair of flip flops
5) A new throw bag (safety first!)
6) Membership to American Whitewater (includes bi-monthly magazine and it’s a good cause!)
7) Donation to The Max Wave (even better cause)
8) A kayak lesson for 2 (great for couples looking to bond or divorce)
9) Gift Certificate from your favorite local burrito joint (kayakers love those cheap burritos!)
10) New sponge (cheap, really cheap!)
11) Portable I pod dock for that dance party at the take-out

Some great stocking stuffers: paddle wax, duct tape, 20’straps, beer coozie, bottle opener key chains, energy drinks, fresh set of Docs earplugs, beef jerky, nose plugs, safety whistle, itunes gift card….
Anybody out there have some ideas I’m completely forgetting about? I want to hear some good one’s!!!