6 Reasons To Go Rafting On The Lochsa River With Zoo Town Surfers

6 Reasons To Go Rafting On The Lochsa River With Zoo Town Surfers

6 Reasons To Raft The Lochsa River With Zoo Town Surfers

Don’t miss your chance to experience the thrill of the Lochsa! With a season lasting only 1.5 months, time is limited to raft this incredible waterway. Here are 6 reasons to choose Zoo Town Surfers for your adventure. Lochsa season is short and sweet! Here are 6 reasons to raft with us.

Rafting The Lochsa River

1: Non-Stop Whitewater Action:

Did you know that that the Lochsa spans 30 miles and includes over 40 named rapids? We run guided rafting trips on 10 or 20 mile sections, depending on guests’ preferences. Imagine navigating rapids with names like Ten Pin, Grim Reaper, and Bloody Mary! Get your heart pounding as you conquer Lochsa Falls and House Rapid. This exhilarating adventure will leave you grinning from ear to-ear long after the trip. No wonder we have so many return customers – the Lochsa whitewater experience is simply unmatched!

2: Our Lochsa Guides:

Unforgettable rapids deserve unforgettable guides! Our Lochsa guides aren’t rookies. Our guides are never introduced to the Lochsa as their first river, all guides are required to have a bare minimum of 3 years of commercial full time guiding experience to be considered for the job. Our current team has an average of 6-7 seasons of commercial guiding, with many veterans seeing upwards of 15-20 seasons on the Lochsa alone.

You are in the best of hands with our guides as you run down the Lochsa. And that’s not all: our guides go above and beyond to provide you with an exceptional experience. They are highly-skilled, entertaining and have great stories to share! Their love for the river is part of why they are hired. It’s more than a job, they have a passion for sharing their favorite spots with you!

3: Zoo Town Surfers Safety:

We have a rigorous training program with a heavy emphasis on safety, both on and off the water. Each trip we run will always have safety boats, and as mentioned, our guides are absolutely top notch. In fact, we just finished a multi-day training session on the Lochsa River where our team studied the river, perfected our communication and practiced rescue scenarios.

We never compromise on safeguarding our guests, and always operate as a tight knit team. Our training goes above and beyond the norm in our profession. This includes not only hiring highly-skilled guides, but also investing in extensive training to ensure everyone has the best experience possible. This is something we take pride in offering our guests, and something we encourage you to consider when booking your trip.

4. Our Gear:

We invest in the highest quality equipment available. That’s why we choose top-of-the-line rafts from AIRE Inflatables and the best apparel on the market from NRS. Our equipment is meticulously maintained and stored, ensuring it’s always in peak condition for your adventure. Relax and enjoy the ride. Rafting the Lochsa River with Zoo Town Surfers means you can focus on the breathtaking scenery and exhilarating whitewater. How great is this!? As our guests you don’t have to worry about airing up the raft, transporting it or worry about anything!

But, What About The Food!?

5. Epic River Meal:

Our food is all handmade, from scratch. We have even had some vegans cheat for a day to try our famous BBQ pork and homemade BBQ sauce. With a hot riverside lunch at our private camp, bellies are never empty and you will be recharged after the first half of the trip, to finish your day with the big rapids down river.

6. Our Customer Service:

We pride ourselves on the best customer service around. Want a custom trip? No problem. Want more or less adventure? We will be sure to fit your group with the guide that likes to go big, or the guide that is happy to take a smaller sneak line around the big stuff. Need to find out if the trip is right for you, or have any questions? Just give us a call and we are more than happy to go over any questions you might have, whether you are privately floating or looking to book one of our trips.

You can book trips directly on our website, too! Just follow this link…