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Missoula Marathon Discounts

Zoo Town Surfers is pleased to offer 15% off all raft trips for Missoula Marathon runners!  It’s our way of saying welcome to Missoula!  Besides being a community that has an active running community, Missoula is also a river community where river fun is a way of life.

Missoula is also an active town buzzing with active people like the folks who come here for the Missoula Marathon.  The Missoula Marathon was chosen in 2011 as the Montana Tourism Event of the year!

If you’re here to run the Missoula Marathon, then you should also explore the river opportunities that Missoula has to offer. Even if you’re a river sport beginner, we offer custom raft trips and kayak lessons on the Clark Fork and Blackfoot Rivers.  And yes, we can accommodate kayak lessons and raft trips on short notice — we’re here to add to your fun and make your life easy. Just ask for the Missoula Marathon Discount.

Run your heart out and then come soak in some nice cool water!

We welcome all of you to Missoula and hope you enjoy your stay!