Customer Testimonials



Dear Jason
Thank you for a beautiful afternoon.  We had so much fun- rain and all.  We will do this again next year.  Take care.”

Debbie, Melina, and Jessie

Jason Shreder held a class for four Flagship students from Sentinel High School.
The kids responded really well to his dynamic, engaging teaching style.  He made
them feel very comfortable, and taught in a clear, encouraging manner so that the
kids seemed to really catch on quickly and were very tuned in to what he was saying
and doing.  As the class progressed, the students were really excited about what
they were learning, and were having a great time with each other and Jason.  Jason
is the “real deal,” which is something you can’t fake and that’s what it takes to
get high schoolers invested sometimes.  These kids were invested during his class
for sure.  He did a great job and they’ve all come to me since to tell me how much
they enjoyed the class.
-Kjerstin, Sentinel Flagship Program, Missoula, Montana

“I’m 45 years old from Vegas and never been rafting. I am not in the best of health physically with a slipped disk in my lower back. This was awesome, lots of fun, beautiful, and painless”

“Two seniors (63+) and two kids (9&10) on a great trip on the Clark Fork thru the Alberton Gorge.  Jason runs a top-notch and Will is a first-rate guide.  We had fun!”
-John, Bonnie, Riley, and Scott

“Will was our guide.  He had so many great stories to tell and was very professional, especially when my husband and son overturned the duckie.  He never panicked, and just did his job.  After our float, Jason gave us homemade salsa, chips, and sodas.  We had a great day with Jason and Will.  I’d recommend Zoo Town Surfers for rafting-good guys, good fun.”

“This was a fabulous adventure.  It was my first time and I felt very safe and in good hands.  Our guide, Will was terrific and kept us well informed of all the rules of the rivers.  It was a fun time and a great day.”

“Great trip with you guys.  Loved the big rapids, very exciting.  Will definitely come back”
-Oon, Fanny, Delphine, (Paris, France)

“Great!  I had a great time and learned a lot”

“Experience of a lifetime”

“Coming back for the kayaking!”

“It was amazing, the most fun I ever had!”

“That was awesome”

“Thanks for the SUPS!  Had a blast”

“Talking with Erin on the phone was so pleasant and easy!  And the trip… even better!”

“Travis was a pretty decent guide.  We’d give him an A+ except he promised that we’d see porpoises.  No Porpoises!  Major Bummer!  At the end we ate salsa and chips, which made us think we needed to apply for employment but Jason said we were too old!!  How rude!  The above is all B.S. except for the homemade salsa which rocks.  Great time!  Great People!”
-Bruce, Nancy, Ron, Arlene

“Absolutely Wonderful!”

“You guys rule”

“Shreder, what an amazing business and beautiful life you’ve created.  We had a blast.  I think Mai may have found her calling.  Sander was a great guide and we had a most excellent time.  See you soon!”
-The Decker’s

“Sick and gnarly”

“Best first time experience”

“Awesome and crazy fun”
-Elizabeth and Maya

“Awesome labor day weekend trip.  Make sure you back up your data!”
-Computer ER

“That was fantastic. Thank you!”

“We had a blast!  Thanks so much!”

“We had so much fun!  Thank you guys so much!  It was a great experience!  Love Amanda”

“Great time!  May have peed my pants.  Thanks”

“Thank you, the rapids were way better than Maine.  Thanks again, if I could I would have tipped $100.00 but I don’t have any money”

“Phenomenal experience!!  We love ZTS.  No outfitters as cool or fun.  Will be back again, and again”

“That was so much fun!  The chips and salsa was almost as good as the ride!  Great Touring Tom”

“Love this place.  Loved the rafting.  Cute dogs. Great Salsa.  Being pulled back on the raft is a very strange feeling.  Overall, a great job Tom!”

“On a hot Saturday in July, my mom, her best friends, and I took a float with you guys and had a blast.  We laughed until we cried and created memories that will last a lifetime.  I was scared and insisted a helmet and alas, I was surprised by how much fun was had rather than fear.  Our guide Tom was fabulous.  So sweet and helped us when we needed it and did all of the dirty work.  Thank you Tom, and Thank you Zoo Town Surfers.  We will be back to leave our mark once again!!”
-Kathy, Rachelle, Peggy, Jim, and Lynette

“Definitley the highlight of my summer.  Brooke was awesome.  I had a great time!  I hope to do it again sometime!”

“Dude!  Sweet!”

“Zach is a perfect guide.  We had a wet and wonderful float.  Five bald eagles-not counting the old men in the raft”
-Jamee, Zach, Dave, Sazi