Which River Trip is Best for YOU?

by | June 8, 2016

Which river trip is best for YOU?

Most river outfitters offer a variety of options and finding out which one is best for you or your group can be tricky. Lots of factors play into the decision: a scenic float vs. a whitewater adventure, a short day on the water or a long one, overall group ability, kids or no kids, etc. We are here to help you determine which trip is best suited to your group’s sense of adventure and unique needs. Remember, whatever you decide, spending time on the river is supposed to be fun…so let’s make it fun!


Kayaking is one of the best sports in the world. It encompasses so many wonderful elements: nature, balance, speed, uncertainty, patience, skill, and adaptability. There is a certain measure of individuality but at the same time you can enjoy in the sport with all of your paddler friends. There are quite a few sub-disciplines within the sport of kayaking, and a different boat is used for each one. Below I’m going to talk about two of the more popular disciplines: inflatable kayaks and hard shell whitewater kayaks.

Hard shell kayaks

Whitewater kayaking in hard shell boats requires some experience before you just jump in the river and go.  A lesson is highly recommended from a local kayak school. Understanding how to get in and out of your boat, underwater comfort, basic strokes, and learning the Eskimo roll are all essential skills for whitewater kayaking.



If you’ve already tried rafting, inflatables don’t require any prior kayaking experience and are a great way to see the river. Make sure you go with a company that also sends a guide in another kayak to paddle alongside you. It is important you understand what you’re getting into and have a general understanding of river awareness and safety before you go. These kayaks are easy to get in and out of and do not require a roll. When you fall out, you simply climb back in! Inflatable are great for a fun day in your own boat without much skill or experience.



Everyone has their own definition of what fun is. No matter which trip you choose, as an outfitter, we want you to have the best experience possible. It’s our job to match you or your group with the perfect trip based on ages, ability levels, and time frame, ensuring you have a great day on the river.



This is the trip for you if you want to paddle, get wet, and enjoy rapids. We have three personal goals for all our whitewater rafting clients: be a good self-rescuer, stay in the boat, and have fun. If you think you can accomplish these goals, then you should try whitewater rafting!


Scenic tours

Scenic raft trips are great for folks that want to enjoy the river without the risk of falling in or getting too wet. These trips are great for all ages and ability levels. If you have young kids, we recommend a shorter trip rather than longer.


Call us up and let us help you choose the best way to get on the river!