Hey, what’s in the bag?

by | November 8, 2016

Hey, what’s in the bag?

Have you ever been on a river trip and noticed that all the guides are carrying  waterproof bags around with them? It often goes unnoticed…until you’re the one that needs something out of that magical bag. Most folks don’t put much thought to it, but once you do, you’ll be amazed at some of the things that guides carry with them. The laundry list of contents isn’t really a shocker for industry folks: it’s our job to be overly prepared and to always expect the unexpected.  

Here is an look inside a seasoned river guide’s bag.

The bag of preference? The ubiquitous Watershed Ocoee.  

All the goodies inside the bag:

Parachute cord

Granola bars

Zip ties



Small first aid kit

Fleece beanie

Fleece shirt


Hand sanitizer

Hydration tablets


Extra batteries


Lens cleaning wipes

6’ NRS strap

Paper and pen

Sewing kit

Toilet paper

What you put in your bag is completely up to you. Many times it depends on the weather, elemental challenges unique to the river, and the amount of time you’ll be on the water. A happy, well-prepared group on the river equals fun for everyone involved. You would be surprised how far the littlest things go, and when someone needs something, there is great joy in saying, “I got you covered.”