2019 End of Season Wrap-Up

by | October 15, 2019

The season is pretty much over for most of us river guides here in Western Montana. Winter is knocking on our door and most us have already transitioned into our off-season. It was a great summer and I always feel so thankful to work around awesome people and call the river my office.

I could not be more stoked with what we accomplished this season as a team on and off the river. Of course we have a short list of things we need to do this off-season. Here at ZTS we bring a high level of enthusiasm to work every day and try to treat each trip like it’s our first. Our guests deserve it, and expect it. However, there is a reason the season ends and everyone needs a break from the daily grind of being a river guide.

I have found the transition into the off season can be difficult. I like the busy days, challenging logistics, and chaos that come with owning a river business. Don’t get me wrong, there is a day each season (okay maybe 2) where I ask myself: “why on earth am I doing this”, and I sit there and reflect next to a broken down vehicle or trailer. I go from not sleeping that much to wondering what the heck I’m going to do with myself.  It takes a bit of time to transition into fall work and other jobs.

The season ends so quickly and it always feels a bit informal. I always think I’ll have one more opportunity to get everyone together for one last hurrah but then all of a sudden, it’s gone.  So here it is: THANK YOU TO EVERYONE!!!

Here are some of the highlights from the 2019 season:

Surf lessons – We spent the 2018 season hammering out the kinks and this year we really committed. Kevin and Liam did an awesome job teaching lessons and we can’t wait to roll out some new opportunities for next season.

First year guides – It’s not easy being a first year guide but you have to start somewhere! We had quite a few first year guides this year. Sorrel, Clara, Mitch, Brit, Max, and Liam crushed it. The first season is always the hardest and I cannot be more proud of how much they all progressed.

International guides – We are striving to bring in more international talent to add some diversity to our work pool. Tommy came over from Chile and absolutely crushed. He brought a high level of professionalism and skills with him.

Record #’s – This summer was a big one for us. We continue to grow a little bit each season and more folks are picking Missoula as a destination town to come and visit. We want to offer more opportunities to folks who want to stay close to Missoula.

Perfect safety record – We did a great job focusing on safety while still having lots of fun. No employee or guest injuries on land or water!

These are just some of the highlights from the 2019 season. We are going to hit it hard this off-season and continue to find ways to improve and make our customer experience even better.

Thank you to all of our amazing guests, staff, family, and friends for supporting Zoo Town Surfers. It means the world to me!