Packing Right for Taking Kids Rafting

Packing Right for Taking Kids Rafting

If you are taking your kiddos on their first river trip, packing everything you might need out there can present a major challenge. As someone who is NOT a parent yet, these What-To-Bring lists are very introductory, and come from overhearing LOTS of parents say “Oh, we should have brought that!” These lists are also subjective based on weather, temperature, and trip length.

Open to suggestions on this one.


  • The kiddo’s favorite snack. 

When kids get hungry, it can be no fun for anybody. When kids have their favorite snack on hand, it can be the best day ever.


Sun hats, sun shirts, sun protection of all kinds. A sunburned kid is often a grumpy kid, rightfully so. Kiddos who are SPF-soaked are much more likely to be whitewater-stoked.

  • Water bottle.

Even if you’re just heading to the river for the day, staying hydrated is still the most crucial ingredient for a great adventure.

  • Good shoes.

Heel strap, waterproof, comfortable.


  • Again, snacks are always a good idea.

This one is especially important if you’ve got a picky eater, or dietary concerns. For long days on the river, having that extra pick-me-up for the little ones can be a lifesaver.

  • Again, extra sun protection.

Hats, sun shirts, and anything else a kiddo may leave out to dry on a rock at lunch and not realize it’s missing until you’re at camp.

  • Cold-weather camp layers.

If you’re on a high-elevation river for multiple days, nights will be surprisingly cold – even in July. Bringing a few warm layers (ideally fleece or wool) for kids to bundle up is essential. Good camp shoes (dry sneakers, booties, flip flops) are also a must-have.

  • For kids that take any daily meds.

It’s a good idea to split your supply into 2 locations- usually one set with your personal gear, and the other stashed safely into a first-aid kit or cooler. (Especially if meds need to be refrigerated!)

With all that in mind, it’s important to remember that less is more out on the river, too. It’s hard not to overpack and it’s hard not to forget something, especially with kids involved. For first-time river trippers, you figure out pretty quick what you consider essential on the river, and what you could probably leave at home next time. Just be prepared for the We-Should-Have-Brought-That Moment on every river trip, ever.


Guiding as a River Couple

Guiding as a River Couple

In any workplace, dating your coworker is a bad idea. In guiding, it is also a bad idea.

You’ve heard the story, I’m sure. Maybe you’ve lived it.

You met them on the river last season, and the magic of summer and nature whisked you away into a sun-drunk love affair. You two were the Gossip Juice of every trip. Then August came around and suddenly the river magic vanished, along with whatever made you stoked on that person in the first place. Oh, well. That was fun. You go home to winter with a good story.

A tale as old as time.

As for me and Larz, we weren’t that story. We were friends for a long time before we started dating, and we did many river trips together through those years. When we faced our first season of working as a couple, we learned to take the most important lesson of guiding and apply it to working as a couple: Figure it out.

That lesson means doing our job first and being a supportive duo to our crew. When you choose to date someone you work with, you choose to be there for them as someone they can rely on when everything hits the fan. You learn to work as a team, and that is a valuable lesson to take home to real life.

And there are moments on every trip where we do get to take a little time to just be a happy couple surrounded by great people in a beautiful place. Sunset deadheads, running the river trail, fishing the eddy at camp when we’re not on dinner crew…

Those are the moments we remember.

A strong friendship and a history of running rivers together is the foundation that ultimately makes working together possible, and more importantly, enjoyable. I’m incredibly lucky. Our ‘river romance’ extends far beyond a summer job. Our life is here in Missoula and it’s a really, really good life. So, this is my two cents: Dating your coworker is almost always a bad idea, unless they happen to be the person you want to run rivers with for the rest of your lives.




It wasn’t until very recently that Missoula, Montana became a true destination town for visitors from across the globe. As river rafting guides, we seemed to always ask the question “where are you going to next?” A large percentage of our guests are now choosing to spend their whole Montana vacation here in Missoula. With easy access to some of the best rivers, trails and breweries in the nation, it makes total sense why. 

The Clark Fork River, which runs right through downtown Missoula is a major draw for visitors during the hot summer months. Taking a scenic or whitewater rafting trip is a great way to disconnect and spend some stress-free time with your family and friends. Adventure, relaxation, delicious food… A rafting trip has it all!

  1. There are a variety of rivers and raft trips to choose from: Blackfoot, Clark Fork, and Bitterroot Rivers all converge in the Missoula Valley. 
  2. Fun, splashy, family-style rapids that are enjoyable for all ages and ability levels. Grandma, we have you covered!
  3. If your kids or other family members misbehave, you can just throw them in the river.
  4. Your guides can take some epic photos that are social media worthy and will certainly get some thumbs up from your friends and family. 
  5. Great opportunity to meet other interesting and friendly folks vacationing in Missoula. Dinner plans anyone?
  6. You will laugh, scream, and possibly tear up through some exciting rapids.
  7. Your guides do all of the work. All you have to do is show up!
  8. Cliff jumping and swimming through rapids are exciting and a great way to cool off.
  9. River guides are some of the most interesting people you will ever meet and tell great stories! 
  10.  Riverside lunches are delicious and amazing.
  11.  Different perspective of the local area from the seat of a raft. 
  12.  Guides are local Missoula experts and you can get insider tips on where to eat and drink.
  13. Rafting is relatively affordable compared to other adventure activities.
  14. Great way to disconnect from screen time.
  15.  If your doing a whitewater rafting trip, the outcome is always a bit uncertain!
Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday gift giving can be a very stressful thing, especially if you have an outdoor enthusiast on your list. So here’s some ideas on how to wow your beloved river rat with amazing gift giving skills. 

The Wish List

Patagonia Micro Puff Jacket 

These jackets are the perfect layer for cold days on the river or late nights by the campfire. It’s small enough to fit under drysuits, PFD’s, and even a heavier jacket for those really cold adventures. This puffy has a variety of different colors and an options with or without hoods so you can fully customize it for the person in mind. 

Goal Zero Nomad Solar Panel 

Goal Zero Nomad Solar Panels comes in a variety of different sizes with a price ranging from $60 to $400. These solar panels are awesome for any multi day trip, allowing you to recharge any portable charger you have with just a little bit of sun. 

Watershed Dry Duffel Bag 

If you have spent any time on a river you have most likely spent some time digging through a dry bag in search of something. Watershed’s duffel dry bag allows for you to easily access snacks, extra layers, or anything else you hide in your dry bags. They have a variety of sizes perfect for the weekend warrior day trips to extended multi day river trips. 

Watershed Dry Bag 

Aire Landing Pad

With a couple different sizing option the aire landing pad works as more than just a sleeping pad. You can make any spot on the river or even boat the perfect nap spot and on hot days, your Aire Landing Pad doubles as the perfect floatie to jump in the river with.  

Aire Landing Pad

Stocking Stuffers

NRS Straps 

Straps are the perfect gift for someone who loves to spend their free time on a river. It’s one of those things where you can never have too many of them, and the versatility of them allows for all year round use. 


It’s hard to imagine that a sponge would be a good gift, but if you know anyone who spends the majority of their time in a kayak or is always planning that epic overnight river trip this is perfect for them. Sponges are the perfect multitool for getting water out of your kayak, to cleaning mud off of your boat, and can even assist with showers on the river.   

Yeti Hotshot Lid 

For anyone who likes to keep their drinks hot, whether it be coffee, tea or hot chocolate the Yeti Hotshot cap is perfect for you. For those early morning runs on the river you can throw your mug in the boat worry-free that your drink won’t spill and it’ll stay hot. 

Yeti Hotshot Cap

MPowered Luci Solar string lights 

Battery free these lights are a great addition to any camping trip. String them up in the kitchen for more lightening, string them around camp for more intimate lighting. 

 MPowered Luci Solar String Lights

Lil Sucker 

The hardest part about being on a boat is trying to figure out where you can put your drink without spilling it. The lil suckers attaches to any drink and will suction cup to anything allowing you to drink stress free. 

Lil Sucker


2019 End of Season Wrap-Up

2019 End of Season Wrap-Up

The season is pretty much over for most of us river guides here in Western Montana. Winter is knocking on our door and most us have already transitioned into our off-season. It was a great summer and I always feel so thankful to work around awesome people and call the river my office.

I could not be more stoked with what we accomplished this season as a team on and off the river. Of course we have a short list of things we need to do this off-season. Here at ZTS we bring a high level of enthusiasm to work every day and try to treat each trip like it’s our first. Our guests deserve it, and expect it. However, there is a reason the season ends and everyone needs a break from the daily grind of being a river guide.

I have found the transition into the off season can be difficult. I like the busy days, challenging logistics, and chaos that come with owning a river business. Don’t get me wrong, there is a day each season (okay maybe 2) where I ask myself: “why on earth am I doing this”, and I sit there and reflect next to a broken down vehicle or trailer. I go from not sleeping that much to wondering what the heck I’m going to do with myself.  It takes a bit of time to transition into fall work and other jobs.

The season ends so quickly and it always feels a bit informal. I always think I’ll have one more opportunity to get everyone together for one last hurrah but then all of a sudden, it’s gone.  So here it is: THANK YOU TO EVERYONE!!!

Here are some of the highlights from the 2019 season:

Surf lessons – We spent the 2018 season hammering out the kinks and this year we really committed. Kevin and Liam did an awesome job teaching lessons and we can’t wait to roll out some new opportunities for next season.

First year guides – It’s not easy being a first year guide but you have to start somewhere! We had quite a few first year guides this year. Sorrel, Clara, Mitch, Brit, Max, and Liam crushed it. The first season is always the hardest and I cannot be more proud of how much they all progressed.

International guides – We are striving to bring in more international talent to add some diversity to our work pool. Tommy came over from Chile and absolutely crushed. He brought a high level of professionalism and skills with him.

Record #’s – This summer was a big one for us. We continue to grow a little bit each season and more folks are picking Missoula as a destination town to come and visit. We want to offer more opportunities to folks who want to stay close to Missoula.

Perfect safety record – We did a great job focusing on safety while still having lots of fun. No employee or guest injuries on land or water!

These are just some of the highlights from the 2019 season. We are going to hit it hard this off-season and continue to find ways to improve and make our customer experience even better.

Thank you to all of our amazing guests, staff, family, and friends for supporting Zoo Town Surfers. It means the world to me!





The staff here at Zoo Town Surfers loves doing this write up a few times a year. Our list of favorite things to do in Missoula is constantly changing, as we evolve as Missoulians ourselves. We are going to keep it basic here, since you have the Internet to guide you toward the finer details. 


What else would you do on a hot summer day? There are plenty of local outfitters that will take care of the dirty work for you. If you are on a time crunch, consider a sunset float through Hellgate Canyon.  If you have a full day, check out the crystal clear waters of the storied Blackfoot River, just east of Missoula.


The Rattlesnake Recreation Area is an absolute gem, situated just north of Missoula. There are endless opportunities for hiking and biking, and you can choose to go as far as you want. It’s not the greatest place for canine friends, as you’ll need to keep them on a leash within a few miles of the main trail head. 


Head on down to your local bike shop andrent a bike. Then head over to Blue Mountain or the Rattlesnake and get lost for a bit! Missoula boasts some of the state’s best mountain biking, with lots of fantastic trail systems. You’ll find something for everyone! 



Missoula’s ever-changing  food scene is sure to please, especially if you’re seeking sustenance after your adventures. If you visit in the summertime, check out the Saturday Clark Fork Farmer’s Market at Caras Park, right along the river. The Downtown Partnership also organizes “Out to Lunch” at Caras Park, each Wednesday June through August, where you can sample local food trucks and listen to live music mid-day. At Zoo Town Surfers, we all have our favorite haunts, and we’re happy to share our suggestions with you. Just give us a call!  


Missoula is nothing without its beer. We have a few stellar breweries right in town, with more popping up each year. After each Zoo Town Surfers river trip, we serve up cold ones from Big Sky Brewing Co., whose westside tap room sits next to one of our favorite outdoor music venues, the Big Sky Brewing Co. Amphitheater!. We also serve up Draught Works beer as well which usually has a food truck. We love to see summertime shows at the new Kettlehouse Amphitheater, alongside the banks of the beautiful Blackfoot River. Kettlehouse Brewing has two tap rooms in Missoula proper; our afterwork go-to is the Kettlehouse Southside. And, of course, no visit to Missoula would be complete without a game of pool and some gumbo at the infamous Charlie B’s. You’ll find Charlie’s right downtown, at the corner of space and time. A double cocktail from Charlie’s won’t do you any favors athletically (or socially), but you can marvel at the faces of the local legends preserved in portraits on the walls, soak up the whiskey with southern fare from Dino Cafe, and belly up at any time of day, before or after your Missoula adventure!